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Dear Students,

The UC Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) program will be in Mexico City on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 6:00pm at the Radisson Paraiso Hotel Mexico City.
The Berkeley MFE Program is a 1-year STEM designated graduate degree that prepares students that prepares students to excel in a career in finance and data science at top tier firms such as Citadel, AQR, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Google and Uber.

The Berkeley MFE has placed more than 1100 students and graduates in internships and full time positions in top companies around the world for the last 18 years. During the information session, we will discuss how and why 100% of our students receive offers post-graduation. The Class of 2018 average first year compensation was $160,083 and median first year compensation was $153,250.

We will answer your questions about the MFE Program, the admissions process, and how the program can benefit you.
Register here - we look forward to meeting you!
Thank you!
The Berkeley MFE Admissions Team

Marcela Cervini, MFE 17
Current Position:
Risk Management & Quantitative Solutions
Western Asset Management
Chicago, IL
Pre-MFE Degrees:
B.S., Applied Mathematics